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Express yourself with the world’s #1 religious emoji app


What is ChristianMoji?

ChristianMoji is a religious themed app with over 300 customized emojis.  Express yourself by sharing emojis of Jesus, Pope Francis, Mary, inspirational messages, religious symbols and many more.  We hope you enjoy it!

How do I share ChristianMoji?

ChristianMojis can be shared through both the app and the keyboard (after installation — see #3).  ChristianMoji keyboard will work with iMessage, Facebook Messenger,  Snapchat (chat), WhatsApp, Viber & Line.  You can also share through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by saving our emojis to your photo library.

How do I install my ChristianMoji keyboard?

  1. Open your Settings
  2. Tap General —> Keyboard —> Keyboards
  3. Tap Add New Keyboard —> ChristianMoji
  4. You will be returned to your Keyboard list. From here, tap “ChristianMoji”
  5. Switch “Allow Full Access” from Off to On

Is enabling “Full Access” safe?

Totally — we do not collect the personal information of our users.  This is an iOS requirement as a third-party keyboard.  If you still don’t feel comfortable enabling full access, share your ChristianMojis straight from the app!

Why copy & paste?

As a third party keyboard, it is only possible to share our emojis through copy and paste. If this ever changes, we’ll update the app immediately.

Where is ChristianMoji available?

ChristianMoji is currently available on Apple iOS through the AppStore.  We are working hard to release an Android version.   When it’s ready, we will let you know!